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New Video Clip

Posted on Nov 15, 2013

Check out our version of Just the Way You Are recorded live at the 2013 Musikfest!

Click here or on YouTube.


  1. On 7/13/17 I saw you guys for the first time at the Windrift in Stone Harbor New Jersey and you rocked the place. I come to the Avalon-Stone Harbor area for vacation and this was the first time I was at the windrift so you guys are the best local band in the area.

  2. Wow can she sing! At the Windrift, I witnessed one song my favorite songs,version by Mary J. Blige, Sweet Thing. OMG does your female singer have pipes! She is just as good as Mary and Chakka! I was blown away! This girl should have her own album! That’s one of my favorite songs. It’s a shame we could not stay to hear more. We will be looking to see your band again when we can stay and enjoy a night out!

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